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Info Bintaro ( is a community-based media that cover Tangerang Selatan city area. Info Bintaro established since January 2009. The word ‘Bintaro’ is still used since this media started from Bintaro area which is a part of Tangerang Selatan city. It is a lifestyle media that focus to provide simple but important information for the people for their daily life and also promote the business. We divide the business into 2 category: culinary and non culinary. We use website, as the main media and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, , Google+ and Youtube as the supporting media.

We have been support many event and companies as media partner by helping to promote their event and products/services to get more attention from the people, so, the event or product/service would get engagement. For the event, we promoted before the event, when the event run and after the event finished by doing interviewed the key person of the event, direct reporting, and at the post event.

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