Equipina (www.equipina.com) stands for Equipment Indonesia. Equipina is a media for equipment business and all the related business in Indonesia. By giving useful information, such as news, company information, product information, maintenance, event, etc, Equipina uses website as main media and supported by social media, such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube.

The main function of Equipina is to meet demand and supply at the equipment and its related business. We focus on the requirements of the stake holder in the business, since it is difficult to find the promotional media that focus on the equipment business. Equipina will translate the information, from the technical into the common knowledge that easier to understand.

To do it, we have professionals who have many experiences in equipment business, so, we understand what the business required.

Beside to provide information for equipment business in Indonesia, Equipina is also open for exchange information from equipment business throughout the world. Of course, the business information from international market is intended for the Indonesia business requirements.

We offer to explore the advantages of your products and business, so many other business will know about yours and finally, there will be the improvement for your business transactions.

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